Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Top 15 Records of 2008

Every year I do this stupid list and this year, I was hard pressed to find anything decent that I immediately fell in love with. There were some fairly decent records, though.

1. Nas, "The Dreaded N-World/Untitled"
2. The Loved Ones, "Build and Burn"
3. 2*Sweet (RIP), "Sleep without Dreams"
4. Brighten, "Early Love EP"
5. City and Colour, "Bring Me Your Love"
6. Wale, "The Mixtape About Nothing"
7. Jake One, "White Van Music"
8. Solange Knowles, "Sol-Angel"
9. Horizon, "Demo 2008"
10. LaGrecia, "On Parallels"
11. Anthony Green, "Avalon"
12. Empires, "Howl"
13. Crime in Stereo, "Selective Wreckage"
14. A Loss for Words, "Webster Lake"
15. Gaslight Anthem, "The 59 Sound"

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