Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thoughts on the Get Up Kids Reunion and Then Some

I posted about the Get Up Kids impending reunion and little while back and since then, the band has indeed reunited in an impromptu performance (which you can see here) and my personal feelings on the matter has changed very little.
I suppose the inner fanboy in me is completely elated, but chiefly because the bands of the pop-punk persuasion that have been coming out of the woodwork these last few years, particularly in the wake of the Get Up Kids demise, has been pretty fucking dismal. Metro Station? Forever the Sickest Kids? A collective groan is most welcome.

Then again, as a purist, I feel that the band should've gotten back together under better circumstances, such as a benefit, rather than the 10 year anniversary of "Something to Write Home About." That particular album to me is a seminal recording, probably more so than "Four Minute Mile [1]," and yet their attempt to become relevant just falls flat and seems to really be a grasp at gaining back their popularity after the missteps that has been their post-TGUK careers [2].

Of course, I'm not a member of this band and I'm merely a person who is half-cynic and half-fan, so the intentions of this band getting back together outside of milking the "STWHA" reissue is beyond me. But the video doesn't lie and it looks to me that they're actually having fun, which is probably the best thing about those performance clips on the YouTubes.

This all begs the questions that I posed when Ozma annouced their reunion, why break up in the first place if you're going to get back together no more than three years later?

[1] Though "STWHA" is a personal favorite, I believe that "On a Wire" is their best album.

[2] It sucks neither Blackpool Lights, nor the New Amsterdams became more popular. Blackpool Lights' debut is still a favorite of mine and I've never dislked the New Ams or Matt Pryor's solo record.

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