Thursday, November 20, 2008

Riverdales Announce New Album! Screeching Weasel Fans Rejoice!

In light of the last post, a band that has broken up in the past, but reunited and has since taken long breaks in between records, The Riverdales, have announced that they're releasing a new record. So sez the Org:

"In his latest podcast, Ben Weasel has confirmed that he will be once again teaming up with Dan Vapid to record a new record as the Riverdales. The band, formed in the 90s by members of Screeching Weasel released a 1995's Riverdales and 1997's Storm The Streets before splitting up. They reunited in 2003 to release Phase Three.

The band has not yet named a drummer for the forthcoming album, but plans are for a release in 2009 with some live shows to follow."

The Ramones-inspired band is just one of the many reunions to occur (mostly of bands that I have given a shit about in the past), which leads me to believe that I should probably just start a reunion blog.

Anyway, I love Ben Weasel as a song writer and this reunion is one that is obviously not for the money, since very few people gave a shit about the Riverdales when they were semi-popular anyway.

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The Riverdales, "Back to You (Live)"

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