Monday, March 09, 2009

National Biggie Day

Over a decade ago, we were robbed of one of my favorite rappers of all time, Notorious BIG. Who knows how many more incredible songs this man could've had, as well as the high standard in major label hip-hop that would've continued on. Instead, we have mediocre dudes like Jay-Z and T.I. to look up to. Here are some of my favorite Biggie songs, enjoy:

Party and Bullshit (from the Who's the Man soundtrack; there's also a sick Lord Finesse Remix of this track)

Juicy (Pete Rock Remix)

Ten Crack Commandments


Junior MAFIA feat. Biggie - Get Money

Jay-Z feat. Biggie - Brooklyn's Finest

Who Shot Ya (for some reason, only the instrumental version and freestyles could be found, but if you dig around, you'll find it; ill beat by, though)

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