Tuesday, March 27, 2007

thnks fr th cmmrcl

Despite having one of the biggest tours in the country AND the cover of "Rolling Stone," pop-punk darlings Fall Out Boy have, yet again, deemed it necessary to shill for sponsors for their latest clip, the dreadfully titled "Thnks Fr th Mmrs." Yesterday, Idolator briefly mentioned some of the product placement in the video. Thanks to the power of the 'Tube, I was able to count where the products where placed in the timecode. Check it out:

Last year, Fall Out Boy released a video for "A Little Less Sixteen Candles..." which strongly featured the new Verizon V-Cast phone at the time. This year, we're getting a Nokia phone, Tag Bodyspray (which is something ALL punks need) and GMC's Tahoe. Because nothing says hardcore like an SUV made for soccer moms.

It's nothing new that former hardcore and punk kids have been selling out via the Vans (and Target) Warped Tour for years, but this is just sad. These guys already make tons of money, if not from their album sales, then from their tours and merchandise sales. This all begs the question, how much more money do you need?

I don't find this any more different (maybe slightly less demeaning) from when MC Hammer did commercials for Taco Bell and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Or his ultimate ad, drinking Pepsi with his posse after winning an VMA on MTV.

If kids don't know that they're being sold to at this point, then they need to collectively get their heads out of their ass and see the light. Idiots.

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