Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Come Widdit: On Guard

[Come Widdit is a weekly feature in which I spit, nay, type kind words about a band that you herbs need to know about]

On Guard
Location: NY
Sounds Like: Sweet heaven or None More Black-lite

On Guard is the latest project from Jason Shevchuk, he of East Coast hardcore demigods Kid Dynamite and the best pop-punk band of all time None More Black. Recently signed to Suburban Home, the two tracks featured On Guard's myspace -- "Lupe's Fault" and "Benders" -- are stripped down and sonically interesting.

The lyrics are pure Shevchuk: introspective and riot-inducing. It's weird to hear these songs and find that even though they aren't as fast as KD or NMB, they are still punk as hell and, at the very least, as exciting as headwalking on a crowd of straight edge kids.

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On Guard's Myspace

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