Thursday, December 04, 2008

FBR Signs Paramore Rip Off Band! Paramore Busy Counting $$$ to Care

Isn't a little early for Paramore to have their own tribute band? Not for Floridians VersaEmerge, whose Microsoft-sounding name has earned them the honor of being signed to Paramore's label, Fueled by Ramen, who've been making money hand-over-fist by releasing audio abortions by the likes of equally poorly named bands like Cute is What We Aim For and Panic at the Disco.

I guess if I was in a band with Nicole Richie's little sister, I'd be pretty stoked too. But this kind of reminds me of when Drive Thru was the shit and then all their good bands either jumped ship or broke up and all they had left in the end was HelloGoodbye and that kid from the Early November.
Since Vinnie F. exited FBR, the quality of their bands have just taken the biggest nose dive since Amy Winehouse had a mirror and nose candy in front of her.

As a little pop-punk kid myself, I've always liked the releases on Fueled by Ramen like Jimmy Eat World's "EP," Home Grown's "EP Phone Home," Kane Hodder's re-release of their LP and The AKA's "White Doves and Smoking Guns." But this VersaEmerge shit? You guys can keep that one.

I guess with the rest of the record industry declining because they can't stop signing and promoting shitty bands and "artists" (yeah, 30h3 -- or whatever the fuck your name is -- I'm looking at you), FBR's best bet is to strike the Paramore iron while Hayley Williams' hair is still on fire, I mean, hot.

I've never been the biggest Paramore fan (or a fan at all) but even I think it's pretty tacky that FBR sign a band that sounds EXACTLY like their best selling band while they're still associated with the label (unlike Drive Thru who signed a billion screamo bands in the wake of Finch getting upstreamed to Geffen). And this is the only time that I'll ever admit this but...

Hayley > Nicole Richie's little sister from VistaStupidName

I guess Vinnie had the right idea by taking all his good bands and helping them find labels elsewhere and his new label, Paper & Plastik, an imprint that focuses on vinyl and digital relases, seems to follow where it's actually viable for record companies to stay afloat. I suppose in a few months FBR and their wranglers will actually be fueled by ramen. Or Cup O Noodles.

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